US ALliANCE of Robotics ClustERS

The United States Alliance of Robotics Clusters (USARC) supports the development, commercialization and scaling of robotics for global good, working together as robotics cluster organizations, with our stakeholders and startups. We will work together for:

  • Greater cluster collaboration and communication across US robotics clusters, for the

  • Greater support and success for our stakeholders and startups, and

  • Greater advocacy for the US robotics and A/IS industry

Who are we?

US regional nonprofit associations, or similar organizations, supporting the development, commercialization and scaling of robotics technologies, software, hardware, systems and components.

Founding members – MassRobotics, Pittsburgh Robotics, Silicon Valley Robotics.

We welcome both established and early stage US robotics clusters, and other stakeholders with similar missions, as determined by the founding members. We charge no fees or dues. Our focus is not on creating yet another organization, but on working together to amplify the voices of our stakeholders.

What governs us?

We hold quarterly online or in person alliance meetings, more frequently as needed, to achieve strategic alignment, collaboration, to amplify our advocacy efforts and to create a US Robotics (or Autonomous and Intelligent Systems) Mandate.

Key Talking Points in 2022

Three talking points:

  1. Sustainability (Agritech, Energy Efficiency, Recycling, United Nations Goals, Climate Change)

  2. Revitalization of Local Industry and US Leadership (Onshoring)

  3. Economic Growth with Robotics, Autonomous and Intelligent Systems

Call to Action

We’re working together to amplify the key solutions that the emerging industries of robotics, automation and AI can provide to the US.

We’d like to hear from industry and policy partners at local and national levels.

Contact us at: or